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BG/BRG/BORG Eisenstadt

The BG/BRG/BORG Eisenstadt has celebrated its 90th anniversary this year,  which  means that it is nearly as old as our province, Burgenland. With 1010 students, 126 teachers and 4 language assistants (school year 2013/14) our school is the largest of Burgenland, which is situated in the east of Austria.

Our students belong to 23 nationalities, practicing 11 different religions and speaking 19 mother tongues. Every year we receive several foreign students from different countries. Besides, we have already taken part in several exchange programs with foreign countries.

Though remaining a grammar school with general education for all pupils, we offer several special departments starting with the lower classes.

At the age of ten, our students can choose between classes specialising in music, sports, or Croatian (which is a minority language in our region) and a class which puts more emphasis on the independence of the students' work and on appropriate teaching methods. Since we have a school cafeteria, our students can also stay in school until the afternoon, doing their homework and spending their time with other students during special lessons involving sports or other activities.

Learning English is compulsory from the first grade onwards. At the age of twelve, our students can choose between language classes (French, Latin or Spanish), and, for those who are more interested in science, there is also the possibility to attend classes with more lessons in biology, physics, chemistry and maths.

Due to the size of our school we are able to provide a large range of  educational possibilities in the upper classes. The students can choose between different fields of interest such as languages, Science, IT, Music, Sports  and Arts. Furthermore they have to decide on additional elective subjects during the last three years in our school which help promote individual interests.

They learn at least two foreign languages and can even opt for a maximum of four languages in the language branch - with the school offering formation in seven foreign languages altogether (English - which is compulsory for each student, Croatian, French, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish).

This large offer puts us into an exceptional position among the grammar schools in Austria.


BG/BRG/BORG Eisenstadt


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